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I support PROGRESSIVE DANE County Platform

F-35 Fighter Jet

As I interact with my district residents, they are all opposed to F-35 fighter jet at Truax airport. One of the biggest complaints I heard was the noise aspect. It forces most of my community out of their homes due to noise pollution. As your representative in the County, it is my responsibility to listen and look into our district issues, and then make resolutions that benefits my district.

Affordable Housing

As Dane County faces a shortage of affordable housing and low vacancy rate, it should not be a reason for increase homelessness. I support the partnership between County and City of Madison in building a permanent site by end of 2021. With the shelter moving from Warner park to its temporary First Street & East Johnson location, it will increase the capacity especially adherence to social distance rule and keeping the community safe.

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Criminal Justice Reform

My experience traveling across the world has shown me that community policing really works. I also support the Madison City Council ban over police use of neck restraints and I hope to bring that to the County Board. Instead of spending approximately $150 million in building another jail my constituent believes that the money should be spent on mental health, improving our education system and rehabilitation.

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Community Investment

Our local businesses are tired of waiting for federal government to act, it is time for the local government to step in and keep our local businesses alive. According to a Channel 3000, "31 State Street stores have gone out of business since June and 14 more are in jeopardy"

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